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We have put valuable money-saving coupons directly at your finger tips with our all new mobile web app, and it couldn't be any easier! All you have to do is pull up from any web enabled smart phone, sign-up or sign-in, and you'll have our coupons everywhere your phone goes, which is everywhere! Many of the same printed coupons that are mailed to your home plus other mobile only options are all available directly on your phone so you don't even have to remember to pack the coupon. Here are a few steps to help you get you started and acquainted with our movile app.

Installing Your Web App

  1. Use your phone's web browser to navigate to
    Hint: You can also visit it from your desktop computer, signup, and browse the coupons. Just don't redeem them!
  2. Sign in by following the on-screen instructions.
  3. Scroll down to the "Bookmark Us" arrow and click for instructions for your phone.

How to Use the App

  1. Sign in using your email address and cell phone number. Don't forget to select the correct service carrier so we can email you when your favorite local business releases a new, great deal!
  2. Choose a category from the list to find the deal for you.
  3. After selecting a category, choose the coupon(s) that you would like to use.
  4. Press the "Click Here to Redeem" button to redeem - but not until you are ready to show your coupon to the merchant. Some coupons have a redemption limit, often times one per month, so don't click redeem until you're in front of the merchant! Once redeemed, each coupon has a coupon code and timestamp that must be shown to the merchant.
  5. Save money! That's the best part, right? After redeeming a coupon, if you've reached the redemption limit for that coupon, check out other valuable coupons from that same company or wait until a new coupon has been added by that company... keep reading below.
  6. If you really like a particular merchant, be sure to click the "Add to Favorites" button. By doing so, we'll send you email notifications when that merchant has added a new coupon. And coming soon, we'll send you a text notification, too!

Merchant Benefits

Users have the ability to "Add to Favorites." When a new coupon is added for a company, an email is sent to everyone on that company's favorites list. We'll also be adding text notifications in the near future.

Limite Redemptions:
Every coupon is given a set expiration date and time and can be automatically removed at anytime desired. Each merchant is also given the option to restrict the number of times that a coupon is redeemed electronically in a given month. Once the redemption limit has been reached, the "Redeem" button turns red and cannot be redeemed again during that month. To insure your business is not being taken advantage of, each redeemed coupon is given a coupon code and timestamp for verification purposes. Each company has the ability to login to see a history of how many times each day a coupon was redeemed.

Customer Access:
Our mobile app allows customers to call you directly from the app and visit your website or Facebook page. They can also share your coupon with their friends on Facebook and Twitter by simply pressing the Facebook or Twitter icons.


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Direct MailDirect Mail

  • Increase revenue with slick, colorful, and enticing offers in our SuperSaver Coupon books that arrive directly to the mailboxes of your potential customers. We provide the most attractive co-op direct mail advertising available!
  • Deliver your brand into the hands of ideal customers within your preferred geographical area(s) every month.
  • Measure your results. It is easy to gauge the success of specific marketing strategies and make adjustments as necessary.
  • Check out our mobile app!Mobile

  • Market to your customers wherever they are… whenever they are looking!
  • With our mobile application, your brand will be in front of your customers, no matter where they are in the buying process!
  • Maintain constant contact with existing customers with our ‘Favorites’ feature and manage your business with redemption limitations.
  • Television advertising production for Columbia, SCTelevision

  • Did you think that you couldn’t afford television advertising? Well now you can! SuperSaver has created a very low-cost, high-frequency, effective, co-op television advertising solution for our clients.
  • Build brand recognition, create business familiarity, and generate top-of-mind awareness for your business.
  • Diversify your marketing with a broad electronic advertising appeal.
  • Production of your television mention is included.
  • Money saving coupons for Columbia, SCWebsite

  • We provide automatic and turnkey online promotion of your business so that you have an edge on the competition.
  • We post your offers to the Internet so that your customers can access them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • We give customers a direct link to your website.
  • We send e-mail blasts to registered recipients every month with a link to your website and offers.
    I started advertising direct mail with Blane way back in 1992. I have never missed a mailer since then. I find that for my business, Super Savers works best for me at the budget I have for advertising.

    "I can tell you a story that happened with my relationship with supersavers: The owner of Taco Bell had just remodeled most of his stores and he saw a picture on my coupon that month that he liked for his stores. We had a special price offer & he decided to stop in to Frame-It-Now. When he left my store, he had purchased over $14,000 of artwork for his stores! Does SuperSaversCoupons work? As you can see, they do for me!"

    Rick Mann, Owner, Frame-It Now


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    We're Mobile!

    Mobile Coupon App Augusta, GADid you know that we have a mobile web app that allows you to redeem and use coupons directly from your mobile device? We have made signing up and using it so easy! Simply go to on your mobile device to get started! Click here to learn more about our Mobile App!

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