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SuperSaver Columbia offers 6 different ways to reach your targeted audience throughout Columbia and the surrounding area! Consumers will receive your advertising message and save money by redeeming your coupon regardless if they received it in the mail, printed it off the internet or accessed it on their smart phone from the web or texting. Tracking your response to your advertising is made easy through Call Source telephone tracking. You can keep your message in front of your customers all month with the SuperSaver Columbia television ad campaign.

SuperSaver Columbia offer 6 ways to reach your customer:

  1. 1. Direct Mail Campaigns
  2. 2. Television Ad Campaigns
  3. 3. Internet Coupon Advertising
  4. 4. Mobile Web App
  5. 5. Call Source Telephone Tracking
  6. 6. Smart Phone Texting

Direct Mail Campaigns

Every month SuperSaver Columbia mails to over 75,000 addresses in the Lexington/Lake Murray/Irmo area...with more addresses coming soon!

Statistics show that::

  • 89.7% of local consumers open their SuperSaver envelope.
  • 89% of local women use coupons.
  • 72.2% of local men use coupons
  • Consumers with an income of $45,000 per year and a four year college degree use coupons 33% more than average consumers.*

*Source: Griffen Company

Direct mail gets your message into your customers' hands in ways other media can't match. Coupons are used throughout the month as needed and have the potential reach of over 75,000 households. Several family members may save the coupons of their choice to use and about 50% of homes hold onto the entire package for approximately 30 days. The investment level for each area is economical allowing you to reach more potential customers at great savings. Coupons allow you to measure your results and we can help you use and keep your co-op dollars in your market. All design work is done in house at no additional change by professional graphic artists on our staff.


Television Ad Campaigns

The SuperSaver TV Mentions is a great way to keep your business top of mind to your potential customer all month long. Our advertisers' television mention campaigns run a minimum of 30 times per month to a maximum of 150 times. The mentions run on broadcast television and are available to 120,000 potential households*, covering Columbia, Lexington, Irmo & parts of Lake Murray. TV mentions are a powerful way to stay connected with your customers.

*Nielsen 2009




























Internet Coupon Advertising

SuperSaver Internet Coupons are printable versions of your direct mail coupon posted monthly to our web site and available to all customers in Columbia and surounding areas. Access to the online coupons is 24/7 and SuperSaver Columbia promotes the site through advertising on television with over 500 spots each month driving consumers to our site and to your coupon.


Mobile Web App

The SuperSaver Columbia Mobile App creates numerous options to reach your potential customers. Introduced in January 2013, the mobile app is growing by hundreds of subscribers each month. The web app site is easily navigated by customers and controllable by our advertisers. Offers can change as needed and potential customers are notified each time the offer changes if they have the merchant in their favorites. Number of redemptions can also we controlled by the advertiser. The mobile app is becoming more and more popular each month as new customers join the site. Click here to learn more about our Mobile App!


Call Source Telephone Tracking

Call Source Telephone Tracking gives our advertisers a way to track customers responding to the SuperSaver coupons. Not only can you listen to the telephone conversation between your office and your potential customer, but you will also receive a list of every phone call missed that will include the customers' name, address and phone number. This gives you the opportunity to help train your staff on handling telephone customers and gives you a back up list of calls missed of potential customers.


Smart Phone Texting

Smart phone texting is a new feature offered by SuperSaver Columbia that gives our advertisers the opportunity for unlimited texting to their customers at one flat affordable investment each month. As an advertiser, you may develop a texting list of your customers by having them join your special club and by offering special discounts and information that will only be available to club member. You can stay in constant contact with your customers and do it all from your computer.


Direct MailDirect Mail

  • Increase revenue with slick, colorful, and enticing offers in our SuperSaver Coupon books that arrive directly to the mailboxes of your potential customers. We provide the most attractive co-op direct mail advertising available!
  • Deliver your brand into the hands of ideal customers within your preferred geographical area(s) every month.
  • Measure your results. It is easy to gauge the success of specific marketing strategies and make adjustments as necessary.
  • Check out our mobile app!Mobile

  • Market to your customers wherever they are… whenever they are looking!
  • With our mobile application, your brand will be in front of your customers, no matter where they are in the buying process!
  • Maintain constant contact with existing customers with our ‘Favorites’ feature and manage your business with redemption limitations.
  • Television advertising production for Columbia, SCTelevision

  • Did you think that you couldn’t afford television advertising? Well now you can! SuperSaver has created a very low-cost, high-frequency, effective, co-op television advertising solution for our clients.
  • Build brand recognition, create business familiarity, and generate top-of-mind awareness for your business.
  • Diversify your marketing with a broad electronic advertising appeal.
  • Production of your television mention is included.
  • Money saving coupons for Columbia, SCWebsite

  • We provide automatic and turnkey online promotion of your business so that you have an edge on the competition.
  • We post your offers to the Internet so that your customers can access them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • We give customers a direct link to your website.
  • We send e-mail blasts to registered recipients every month with a link to your website and offers.
    I have been advertising with Super Savers Coupons for over 6 years. They have been an important part of our growth. At Smitty's Auto we have been in business for over 75 years and since I purchased the business from my father, we have been advertising with Blane's company. We have received 10-fold in return each mailing. I'd recommend Super Savers Coupons to ANY small business because it's cost effective and I really love their customer service."

    Chuck Smith, Smitty's Auto Service


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    We're Mobile!

    Mobile Coupon App Augusta, GADid you know that we have a mobile web app that allows you to redeem and use coupons directly from your mobile device? We have made signing up and using it so easy! Simply go to on your mobile device to get started! Click here to learn more about our Mobile App!

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